Howlin’ at the Full Moon

I’ve always been a big fan of the night sky.  One of the great things about growing up at a campground was looking at the sky at night and being amazed at how many stars you can see.  If you’ve never gotten away from your local light pollution and seen a bright sky you should.  We all have a different full moon ritual, mine was to go for hikes at night and think.

I wanted to write a song about the full moon and how it keeps repeating over and over until we move onto that great gig in the sky and I also wanted to write a song that addresses a lot of the uncertainty about the future and the promises that were made to people.  The US pension system is in a lot of trouble and the financial mismanagement of some wealthy managers is going to end up costing people their retirements.  It’s important to stay on top of your own resources and this has never been more true.  

Back when I was in the money game, one of my clients lost his pension with the airlines and I got to see firsthand how they ended up using the legal system to steal his money.  He was just a simple mechanic and that was when the economy was strong.  The time to ask questions of your professionals is now not later and whatever ritual you may have, you can use it’s reoccurrence to remind yourself to stay on top of things. I hope you enjoy the song.